Treatments from sports massage to rehabilitation

Where will the treatment be carried out?

Your appointment will begin with our therapist assessing the symptoms and causes of your pain or injury. This will be conducted by way of a brief discussion with you, followed by a non-invasive yet exhaustive physical assessment.

Our therapist will address the causes and effects of the issues throughout the treatment process. Accordingly, treatments and therapies will be tailored specifically to your needs. Treatment will take place in a hygienic, clinical and controlled environment.

Changing facilities will be made available and all patients will be presented with fresh clean towels. At MCR Sports Therapy Clinic, your comfort and privacy are paramount.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Sports massage therapy works best when the therapist has unobstructed access to muscles. While we generally recommend the removal of clothing and provide fresh towels to all clients, we will endeavour to work however you are most comfortable.

The suitability of your clothing for the appointment will depend entirely on your level of comfort and the nature of the treatment you require. For lower body treatments, we recommend a pair of short loose-fitting shorts, to enable access to the upper leg.

For upper back treatments we recommend the complete removal of your top. Lower back treatments can be carried out by lifting a loose-fitting top.

Will the treatments and therapies cause pain?

Sports massage therapy involves a variety of techniques, which target different parts of the musculoskeletal system. Through accurate assessment and communication between therapist and patient, we will ensure treatment pain is kept minimal. Musculoskeletal problems often develop as a result of deep issues.

Thus, in some instances, treatment pain will be unavoidable, as your therapist applies deep tissue massage techniques to remove the pain once and for all. Furthermore, pain tolerance differs from person to person. To conclude, while you may experience some pain and discomfort during the treatment session, we assure you that this will give way to rapid relief.

I am a fully qualified and insured Sports Massage Therapist. I also attend regular technical and informational training courses to stay on track with the latest progressions and continue my own development to provide you with the best care and knowledge possible.

It depends a lot on your individual pain tolerance and experience with being treated. Most clients can feel some discomfort here and there but refer to it as a “good pain”. We often work at a deep level releasing long-held tension so you’ll feel instantly better after your session. However, to create a permanent change in a soft tissue quickly sometimes techniques are required that can be painful. Of course, if at any point you are feeling uncomfortable then the pressure or technique can be adjusted.

Definitely. While we do start your initial consultation with a thorough assessment and joint/muscle testing the majority of the session will be the treatment that you receive.

I will be able to provide you with a much more accurate timeline following your initial assessment. However, as a general rule of thumb the following holds true:

Minor: 1-3 Sessions
Major: 3-5 Sessions
Complex: 5-10+ Sessions

These are very general estimates as every client case varies, and often you’ll feel improvement from the very first session. For treatments of 3 or more sessions booked in advance there are discounts available.

When we talk about future-proofing your body, we mean it. Don’t wait for an injury to build up. Our modern lifestyle habits of being glued to a chair or couch for many hours a day or in front of a computer screen does not allow our body to work or maintain itself the way it’s supposed to. Add in some weekend warrior activity after a stressful week with very little movement, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

On the other hand, if we take the time on a monthly basis to address your muscular tension, improve your movement patterns, address lifestyle factors, and ensure that we’re dealing intelligently with tweaks and aches before they become a major problem, you’re going to feel better, move faster, and live a longer, pain free life.